Communicate đi với giới từ gì? Communicate with hay to?

Communicate đi với giới từ gì? Communicate with hay to? là câu hỏi của rất nhiều người khi học tiếng Anh. Bài viết này, Ngolongnd sẽ giải đáp thắc mắc của các bạn.

Communicate đi với giới từ gì
Communicate đi với giới từ gì?

Communicate là gì?

UK  /kəˈmjuː.nɪ.keɪt/ US  /kəˈmjuː.nə.keɪt/

Ngoại động từ 

Truyền; truyền đạt: to share information with others by speaking, writing, moving your body, or using other signals:

to communicate news

truyền tin

to communicate a disease

truyền bệnh: to pass a disease from one person or animal to another

to communicate one’s enthusiasm to somebody

truyền nhiệt tình cho ai

(tôn giáo) ban thánh thể (cho ai)

Chia sẻ: to talk about your thoughts and feelings, and help other people to understand them:

to communicate something with somebody
chia sẻ cái gì với ai

Nội động từ 

Giao thiệp, liên lạc

to communicate with somebody on the telephone

liên lạc với ai bằng dây nói

Thông nhau: If one room communicates with another, it connects with it through a door:

the two rooms communicate with each other
hai buồng thông nhau
communicating vessels
bình thông nhau

(tôn giáo) chịu lễ ban thánh thể

Communicate đi với giới từ gì?

Communicate + by

Giao tiếp bởi 1 phương tiện nào đó

We usually communicate by letter. 

Communicate + through

giao tiếp thông qua (người nào đó hoặc 1 bên thứ ba)

We communicated through an interpreter.

Communicate + over 

“Over” is used to illustrate mediums (physical, ethereal, or otherwise).

We communicate over the phone, over email, and over brain waves.

Communicate + to

communicate (something) to (someone): giao tiếp (cái gì đó) với (ai đó)
She is unable to communicate her ideas to other people.

Communicate + with

couples who communicate well with one another

Cách dùng Communicate với giới từ

In 62% of cases communicate with is used

Plants do communicate with one another.

It is to communicate with Him as a friend.

If not, find a way to communicate with them.

Shufeldt, to investigate the affair, and to communicate with the King of Korea.

I totally agree in teaching our kids how to communicate with our mother tongue.

I like to communicate with the players and keep those communication lines open.

Each of the countries I work with is very different, and I sense that every day when I communicate with them.

If you use more than one email address to communicate with us, please notify us of each email account you use.

Out of all the children he has and even fewer he positively communicates with, he called me to talk about it.

Some people love having all those people around them and being able to communicate with their fellow students.

In 14% of cases communicate to is used

This was communicated to Sanjay, who called for Talwar.

Delivery plans must also be communicated to the local haematologist.

Management can communicate to the personnel what are the important objectives are.

No cause of death has been communicated to us yet, and we are still wondering what happened.

It then communicates to the wearer via a ring of LED lights to point in the required direction.

Secondly, concerns were raised about Wootton’s performance – which were duly communicated to her.

Remember, it is a way for your baby to communicate to you and not for you to communicate with him/her.

However I felt that the director had not succeeded in communicating to me what was unique about the story.

The truth is that he accepted the Russian invitation although it had been communicated to him just verbally.

Once you have established web-based customers or prospects, it is important to communicate to them regularly.

In 9% of cases communicate in is used

Lesson: Communicate in advance.

Any messages communicated in love validates equality.

When hiring, communicate in basic The English language.

Your company name should be the first thing you communicate in your mobile messages.

Even those that were able to communicate in English were not able to communicate well.

A good pop structure works because it communicates in such a direct and immediate way.

Some people communicate in imagery and imagination – some in highlight data – some in detail (think/feel/know).

If science is not communicated in the right way, it can hinder the impact and validity of scientific research.

I pointed out that I try the best in communicating in English but that went straight over your head, didn’t it.

What we communicate in our relationships and commitment to one another is more powerful than the message of oppression.

In 3% of cases communicate by is used

He can only communicate by moving his eyes but continues to.

Many years ago most of us communicated by landline telephone.

They have very good eyesight and mainly communicate by visual signals.

So it exists in the brains of people because concepts can be communicated by language.

At 54, I am surely not old enough to remember communicating by smoke signals or drums.

For example, we still communicate by texting when really we should be doing it another way.

The song, written by Joe and Audrey Allison, was inspired after the couple was having difficulty communicating by telephone.

For example, if they mainly communicate by e-mail, and you rarely check yours, then chances are, that is not the attorney for you.

Even though his parents had always thought he was conscious and could communicate by lifting his thumb or moving his eyes, this was never accepted by medical staff.

So although in principle I am extremely scared of all this government surveillance, I think in practice these people still communicate by cleft stick and native messenger.

In 3% of cases communicate through is used

It communicates through images and symbols, not words.

Most of us are able to communicate through listening and speaking.

Great friends like Kenya and America do not have to communicate through website postings.

These gadgets will do this by communicating through home networks, or through the internet.

Reptilians communicate through imagery and symbols just like the Illuminati secret society network.

The exact dates for the screening interviews for each university will be communicated through the SWAP CLUBS.

Unfortunately, in today’s world of mobile phones &; computers, gone is the joy of communicating through the pen.

She often says that if a non-English speaking diplomat or statesman visits Ghana, he communicates through an interpreter.

When ever we spoke or communicate through email, you encouraged the power of pen as the way to revolutionaries a country at a hostage.

In 2% of cases communicate on is used

Ants mainly communicate on the chemical level.

The Reddit community is one of the most active on the internet, allowing you communicate on a vast number of topics.

At the grocery store, home or at the gym, I focused on these three powerful quotes to help me communicate on what I wanted.

It’s certainly evolving faster than ever because of the volume of people openly communicating on new devices and in new channels, like Twitter.

I believe that you should indite more on this theme, it mightiness not be a inhibition issue but mostly fill are not sufficiency to communicate on specified topics.

Those at the top of one of the world’s greatest communications businesses seem to find it impossible to communicate on a personal level with those who work for them.

Whether it’s getting the puck in deep on the fore-check; moving the puck out of the defensive zone; converting on the power play; communicating on the ice; it is all about doing it consistently.

The Four Pillars of Communication Rights are the following ones: Communicating on the Public Sphere: The role of communication and media in exercising democratic political participation in society.

In 1% of cases communicate about is used

I knew this was needed because I was having trouble communicating about my own software.

So, they had to evolve to communicate about the whereabouts of where everyone was in the tribe for safety reasons.

People in the same group believe (often unconsciously) the misinformation and stereotypes that society communicates about other members of their group.

At the heart of either role in corporate communications lies a challenge to learn and communicate about complex topics whilst retaining a ‘ man in the street ‘ view.

In 1% of cases communicate across is used

He shared his tips for communicating across a ‘ group ‘ and steps taken to ensure that company culture is reflected across multiple sites.

This ability allows us to manipulate our environment, communicate across distan ce and time, and evolve incredibly complex societies and cultures.

But ever since we figured out how to communicate across vast distances and now to travel and deliver ballots said distances within mere hours rather than months, the EC makes little sense.

In 1% of cases communicate at is used

We are also able to communicate at a distance.

On graduating from either high school or university, many students remain unable to communicate at even a basic level.

In 1% of cases communicate between is used

They allow the drones to communicate between each other and work effectively as a team.

However, they have the technology already to communicate between silicone circuitry and our organic brains.

Getting a good result for the long term means that at least some people have to think hard in each of these boxes, and communicate between them.

In 1% of cases communicate for is used

People try to communicate for all type of reasons.

I am not happy about that as we need to communicate for our son’s sake but now his family know and he has to take account of his decisions.

He said that the Church has been communicating for 2,000 years, and today it should also be present in the virtual plaza, using these new instruments for the proclamation of the Gospel.

In 1% of cases communicate from is used

The Tao can be communicated, but it can only be communicated from being to being.

All human thought has been communicated from the male view point, and is thus skewed.

At the Assembly the time spent is being still and communicating from a soul space deepened our sense of communion and community.

In 1% of cases communicate via is used

In the medieval times people used to communicate via birds, signs and fire.

George was however more interested in VHF, and was regularly heard on 50Mhz as well as communicating via the Oscar satellites.

Telling of how things are now between the Robert and Kristen, the source claims that the two have not spoken and only communicated via text message.

As for the technology we had to communicate via email to a CR officer in London who contacted a worker in Dar es Salaam who then contacted the school many miles away.

The most important tips are outlined here: Answer swiftly Those who communicate via e-mail as opposed to other mechanisms often do so as they wish to receive a quick response.

Communicate đi với các trạng từ nào?

ADV. clearly, effectively, successfully, well | directly | easily | verbally By the age of two most children have begun to communicate verbally. | electronically

Các từ liên quan với Communicate

Từ đồng nghĩa

acquaint , advertise , advise , announce , be in touch , betray , break , broadcast , carry , connect , contact , convey , correspond , declare , disclose , discover , disseminate , divulge , enlighten , get across , get through , hint , impart , imply , inform , interact , interface , keep in touch , let on , let out , make known , network * , pass on , phone , proclaim , publicize , publish , raise , reach out , relate , report , reveal , ring up , signify , spread , state , suggest , tell , touch base * , transfer , transmit , unfold , write , answer , associate with , be close to , be near , buzz , cable , chat , commune with , confabulate , confer , converse , discourse , drop a line , drop a note , establish contact , get on the horn , give a call , give a ring , have confidence of , hear from , reach , reply , talk , telephone , wire , pass , display , manifest , articulate , express , utter , vent , verbalize , vocalize , voice , give , bestow , dictate , network , signal

Từ trái nghĩa

bottle up , conceal , cover , keep , keep quiet , suppress , withhold


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