Đáp án trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh thi công chức Quảng Ngãi đợt 2 năm 2018- link Google driver

Đáp án trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh thi công chức quảng ngãi đợt 2 năm 2018 link Google driver. Đề thi- đáp án thi tiếng Anh công chức 2018. Thi công chức tỉnh 2018, thi công chức huyện 2018. Với những câu chưa có đáp án, các bạn search. Để tải toàn bộ 200 câu hỏi về file word các bạn xem qua cách copy từ các trang trống copy

Đáp án trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh thi công chức Quảng Ngãi đợt 2 năm 2018- link Google driver
Đáp án trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh thi công chức Quảng Ngãi đợt 2 năm 2018- link Google driver

Phần  đề trắc nghiệm:

1. Our physical environment ___ have an enormous impact on our well-being.

2. You will __ how to use biology and technology to maximize crop and animal production.

3. Jane, I’m sorry. I am very busy now, I have __ time to answer your email at all.

4. In certain parts on the earth, women still __ water a long way to their village.

5. We are __ work at the moment.

6. Jessica and Jack are ___ the desk.

7. My family’s picture is ___ the wall.

8. It is not easy learning Chinese at home. Do you think I should ___ an evening course?

9. Jake and Mary don’t want to ___ salmon.

10. All of the civil servants in the ministry had no idea who would deliver the first speech in the afternoon session of the conference, because the hosting organization so ______.

11. You don’t___ come with me to the party if you are busy tonight.

12. Nowadays, in both urban and rural areas, the environment is ___ more and more polluted.

13. That book is not mine. It is __, I think.

14. Last week, not may people ___ their wedding.

15. My uncle is a doctor. Her father is a doctor, too. They are ___ doctors.

16. We have many blessings for those ___ we are deeply grateful to.

17. New York is the place ___ people of many different cultures live and work together.

18. Those strangers were wearing heavy overcoats to ___ themselves against the

19. Feng ___ eggs, bread and butter.

20. When I was a child, I used to go to school ___ bicycle.

21. Professor Albert ___ us English language.

22. Young people often spend much time on ___ smartphones.

23. Knowing our feelings ___ stress can explain what causes the stress.

24. Last month, the Civil Service Commission ___ a new code of conducts.

25. In the movie that I saw yesterday, a lot of passengers who ___ in the ship crash are still suffering from shock.

26. The doctor showed them ___ to do some exercises.

27. It ___ Michael almost an hour to find a pair of shoes that fitted him.

28. They ___ should do it for her as she could not do it by herself.

29. My children are looking forwards ___ the Lunar New Year.

30. Yesterday, we waited for a traditional taxi. However, finally, we gave up waiting and took a Grab car.

31. This type of material is normally used for ___ many plastic products.

32. The scientific journal on organizational sciences is ___ once a month.

33. ___ the fact that the traffic was bad, I arrived on time.

34. Jane feels like giving up her job ___ the consequences she will face.

35. Can you help me ___ the window?

36. His dissertation is divided into five parts and each of these ___ three sections.

37. How do you ___ about the pollution problem in this area?

38. ___ the traffic was bad, I arrived on time.

39. Performance are failing ___ a lack of trained workers.

40. ___ December 2012 the University Board for Teaching and Learning approved the University’s Teaching and Learning Strategy 2013-2018.

41. The University ___ six teaching and learning deans who work alongside the Pro-Vice-Chancellor.

42. Paris is one of the ___ expensive city in the world.

43. I haven’t seen Peter ___ today.

44. Deforestation ___ causing an alarming decrease in the amount of farming land.

45. This committee ___ in partnership with staff and the student community to inspire innovative and creative approaches to teaching and learning.

46. This award is valid for ___ to three years.

47. Agriculture combines ___ study of natural and life sciences with valuable academic and practical aspects of management.

48. Tomorrow is Jane’s birthday. I ___ her some flowers.

49. Reading is recognised ___ a mark of excellence by employers. The knowledge gained has allowed me to fulfil my potential.

50. John filled in the application forms and __ for the job that he kept dreaming ofnights and days.

51. Making time to ___ outside on a nice day also delivers a huge advantage.

52. One study found that ___ 30 minutes outside in good weather boosted one’s positive mood.

53. In our modern society, stress has ___ a habit.

54. Peace isn’t something that you can easily find in just one day and then you never have to struggle ___ hold onto.

55. Scheduling ___ ‘worry time’ is a classic intervention in CBT used to help you gain control over anxiety and worry.

56. I ___ learnt there is a quiet and calm eye to the storm, waiting for us all along.

57. Toddlers ____ fearless creatures when trying new things.

58. It doesn’t matter ___ she doesn’t get it right every time.

59. The trouble is, everything ___ new when you’re trying to start a new baby business like I am.

60. Possible careers ___ these degrees include farm management, animal and crop research and advisory services, and overseas development work.

61. The funding from Innovate UK and BEIS will ___ us to try to make a new batch of the new MERS vaccine candidate fast.

62. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to ___ something that people find valuable.

63. I’m scared that even if I do create something, no one would ___ to buy it.

64. It is the perfect route ___ agriculture, sustainable rural livelihoods and related industries.

65. Fear only has ___ power that you give it. It’s power is making you get too afraid to try something. So if you’re afraid but try something any way, it doesn’t have any power.

66. It is important for everyone ___ learn English.

67. It’s time for dinner. I think that you ___ not go outside now.

68. It’s everyday anxiety that can distract us ___ the magic of the present moment.

69. Everyone struggles ___ fear, even if they tell you that they don’t.

70. The fear of launching, of putting yourself out there, never ___ away entirely.

71. The reason people are able to ___ with their self-doubt and still achieve success is that they experience it, they acknowledge it, and they keep moving.

72. You have the power to set yourself ___ for success.

73. The reason you’re doubting ___ is probably because you feel that the work you’re doing is so important, it should be done by a perfect human being.

74. No one ___ perfect, and no one else is going to do the thing that you’re doing.
75. Self-doubt keeps us doing ___ best work.

76. Don’t forget to take ___ break from the screen every once in a while for a breath of fresh air.

77. Most of the time, the best thing you can do in this situation is to steer ___ the skid.

78. If you’re afraid of something, of putting yourself out there, of creating a kind of connection or a promise, that’s a ___ that you’re on the right track.

79. Systematic muscle relaxation training is ___ strategy used in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to reduce anxiety.

80. Every decision you make has a direct impact ___ your future.

81. Self-doubt keeps us ___ our best work.

82. There’s no secret trick to conquer self-doubt and fear ___ failure.

83. It s easrer to act your way ___ a new way of thinking, than to think your way into acting.

84. Kieran Tie is a designer and marketing strategist ___ helps nice folks tell their authentic story, attract more customers, and build a business and life on their terms.

85. When he’s not writing his popular weekly letters, you can fmd him ___ time with his wife and daughter in their Denver home.

86. A few tweaks can transform this tiresome task ___ a pleasurable ritual.

87. The French method ___ built around principles mostly uncommon to the American way of grocery shopping and Pantry keeping.

88. French citizens typically ___ small refrigerators that they stock on a meal-by-meal basis.

89. What the French keep in their fridge and cupboards ___ most likely cover only a few days’ worth of meals at a time.

90. They walk to a local indoor or outdoor market, bakery, or butcher ___ provisions.

91. ___ the instructor tried hard, they could‘not complete the project in time as they were lacking in skills and knowledge.

92. Furthermore, ___ French love to savour their food, each meal is its own delightful culinary adventure.

93. Food manufacturers have ___ that they can increase demand and sell more products if they give you more variety.

94. Because American grocery stores are packed with countless options, it’s easy ___ fall into the hypnotizing trap set for us.

95. You can’t depend ___ them or count on them because they are weak and only there to give you shade.

96. For many of us, it’s often fun to reminisce; however, when you’re on your way to destiny you can’t afford ___ spend time looking in the rear-view mirror.

97. Writing things down helps ___ mental clutter.

98. Writing stimulates a bunch of cells at the base of the brain called the reticular activating ___ (RAS).

99. Once you write ___ a goal, your brain will be working overtime to see you get it.

100. After a series of consecutive failures, Carrey wrote himself a check ___ $10 million for ‘acting services rendered’, later placing the check in his wallet.

101. He removed it seven years later when he ___ a payment in the exact amount for the hit film ‘Dumb and Dumber’.

102. There’s also scientific proof that the pen is mightier ___ the keyboard.

103. Typing information ___ your computer, laptop or mobile device is effective, it‘s not as efficient as writing it down.

104. There‘s a connection ___ handwriting and cognitive abilltles.

105. ____ I don’t write it down, I will forget.

106. On a 2014 television appearance, TD. Jakes ___ down with Arsenio Hall for a candid conversation about overcoming life’s difficulties.

107. During their time together last year, Arsenio ___ up a favourite quote by Jakes.

108. It is the breaking of life that ___ the blessing of life.

109. Comfort often ___ an amnesia effect in our lives

110. It gives us ___ false sense of security.

111. We mistakenly believe that we ___ the main source of security in our lives and those around us.

112. When the unexpected ___ and we are challenged, it reminds us of our own limitations and causes us to look beyond ourselves for help.

113. Self-reliance is ___ a brittle fence that was eaten away by termites.

114. It may have the appearance of strength and fortitude, but a little agitation ___ its true condition.

115. Hoa never takes an umbrella ___ it’s raining heavily.

116. When we ___ broken, the fences we construct that have isolated us from those around us come crumbling down.

117. Focusing on only a few meals ___ a time can snap you out ofthis spell.

118. You’ll save money by only buying ___ you need, and you’ll focus on meals, not on having reserves of gimmicky snacks.

119. The French choose quality over quantity where their budget ___

120. The French are known ___ love fresh, local, and unprocessed foods.

121. French women know that ___ is notjust reserved for artists.

122. _____France, meals are part of a twoto three-hour ritual where each morsel is meant to be enjoyed.

123. ___ of what he said was unbelievable.

124. Yet when Americans buy in bulk, we aren’t thinking ___ all the delightful meals that we can prepare and share but rather foods that might easily be nuked in a microwave and eaten on the go.

125. The French way of grocery shopping ______ a healthier lifestyle.

126. I ___ the grocery store is sort of a nostalgic place.

127. By re-evaluating how we’re shopping and being intentional ___ what we buy, food will become less of a constant battle.

128. All of these practices are conducive ___ healthy weight maintenance and nutrition. ‘

129. They also prefer ___ eat smaller portions of foods that they truly love.

130. When we cease ___ view shopping for and eating food as tiresome chores, we rid ourselves of an unhealthy mind-set toward our daily bread.

131. The content of the novel was ___ complicated that it was completely incomprehensible.

132. Last year, I ___ hosting monthly dinners with my friends at different local restaurants, I was in the gym each morning, and I was writing on the weekends.

133. I couldn’t remember ___ last time my wife and I just sat on the couch to watch TV or share a laugh together.

134. Last year, I ___ an honest inventory of how I was spending my waking hours, and I accepted that I was doing too much.

135. As I began to ___ my relationship more, I told my wife that I valued her and what we were working to build.

136. I found that I was no ___ just busy; I was productive and feeling fulfilled in my personal relationships.

137. Every time we say ‘yes’ to something, we’re saying no to something ____.

138. If we’re not careful, our relationships might suffer, our health might ___ and we might end up way off our centre.

139. When we hilly put ourselves ___ the things we care about, we reap greater rewards.

140. We’re more efficient, effective, and we ___ to enjoy the experience.

141. Even though it might sound counter-intuitive, when we ___ time to focus on one thing at a time, we can be more productive.

142. I don’t have as much time for reading ___ I would like to.

143. If you commit to some thing, be present and show up ___ it.
144. People respect you when you’re honest ___ what you want to do and know where you’d rather not put your time.
145. I get up early so that I have ___ time to journal, meditate and write down things I;m thankful for.

146. According to the recent election’s results, the Democrats are ___ smallest of the four main political parties.

147. I challenge myself to be present during staff meetings. I’ll silence my phone, ___ notes in a notebook.

148. Being more productive doesn’t ___ mean just doing more.

149. It means doing more of ___ we care about.

150. You already ___ everything you need to shift where you’re putting your energy and time, and to say ‘yes’ to yourself more.

151. Whether you realize it ___ not, people who refuse to grow with you simply can’t go with you.

152. At some point ___ your life you must realize that everyone can’t go with you to the next level.

153. Some people come ___ your life and they are like leaves on a tree.

154. If you ___ there’s something that can be tackled the following day, hold off on placing it on your list.

155. The painting was ___ to be over one hundred years old.

156. ___ the soup so that it won’t be boil over.

157. Once you’re done ___ your list and you have more time, feel free to start on the next day’s action items.
158. You’re ___ fire when you’re focused.

159. Our tendency when going through times of great difficulty is to rush ___ them as quickly as possible.

160. Some people like to have the windows open all the time; ____ don’t.
161. This resistance to be present in times of ___ can lead us to miss hearing the voice of instruction.

162 Slowing down ___ us to realize that the true lesson to be learned is in the pain and not always on the other side of it.

163. It’s imperative that we establish healthy boundaries ___ others and make sure we’re keeping track of everything we’re planning to do.

164. When someone is old, he is in his second ____

165. They don‘t want to be alone ___ themselves and they’ve never gotten to know themselves.

166. Everything happens ___ a reason.

167. This simple concept not ___ applies to love and career, but it also speaks to our everyday relationships.

168. Each person that has come ___ our life, whether for a period of days or years, arrived along our path to serve a purpose.

169. Many times, we don’t fully grasp when circumstances ____ and an individual no longer adds value to our lives.

170. Most people ___ difficulty figuring out what to do once they realize this.

171. While it may seem somewhat harsh or insensitive to ____ ties, it is perfectly fine, and in fact, very healthy to out people off.

172. If their presence ____ unsettling to your spirit, don’t ignore the signs

173. Your instincts only pick up _____ the truth and seek to guide you accordingly.

174. There comes time when things, and people no longer bring you joy or happiness.

175. It is a sign that there is a need ____ change, and you have to take the initiative to switch things up.

176. A lot of rooms in the school _____ repairing.

177. Attitude is everything. More so, we each have ____ power to speak things into existence.

178. For those with a positive outlook, the fruits ____ our thoughts and actions reap positive rewards.

179. For those who constantly complain or carry an attitude of ungratefulness, the atmosphere ____ filled with gloom and negativity.

180. Individuals who always ____ to criticize other people show a sure sign of wasting valuable time and energy on the wrong things and, ultimately, are not deserving of yours.

181. Relationships are ____ exchange.

182. It takes two people _______ invested in making each other better, holding each other accountable and being ofhelp when in need.

183. Those who are always first ____ the table and walk away with the most before ever leaving anything for others should take their appetite elsewhere.

184. Relationships should never ____ more ofa burden than a blessing.

185. When you start to feel used or taken advantage of, mentally or spiritually, cut it ____quickly.

186. Everyone _____ that trust is one of most essential factors in any form of relationship.

187. Once it is compromised, things might never _____ the same.

188. Trust can take years to ____ and a only a few moments to break.

189. Those who claim a space in your circle must be people you find trustworthy, reliable and genuinely concerned _____ what is best for you.

190. Why you are always jealous ____ Jane?

191. When the bond is broken or betrayal irreparably sets in, find _____ exit.

192. _____ a doctor, I must advise your son to give up smoking.

193. You should always surround yourself _____ people who support you and your dreams.

194. Though support comes in _____ forms, the common thread is authenticity
and honesty.

195. ______ a lot of other members, we managed to survive the recession.

196. Those with _____ true desire to watch you win in life don’t care to offer endless pats on the back or overlook your weaknesses.

197. He doesn’t want to explain the reason ____ his decision.

198. Stay clear of those who bring you down rather than ____ you up.

199. All things, including people and feelings, _______.
200. When they do change, it is only fair for all parties involved to move ____.

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